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Sketch box "Saint Igorius"

In an edition of only 199 copies we publish the sketch box "St. Igorius" with 25 high-end reproductions of Igor Oleinikov's sketch sheets. Each of the 25 sketches is hand signed, numbered and given a special hand finish by Oleinikov to develop a unique character.


The sketches are 42 x 29.7 cm in accordance with the originals in A3 format.


The unsellable original sketches were scanned by the highest quality scanner in Europe and then the colors for the print were adjusted down to the smallest detail, shadows, water stains etc. were developed according to the original. The fine art print was made on high quality paper using a special printing process. The backs are also taken from a unique sketch and printed.


We offer the sketch box with all 25 sheets at a price of € 3,000.

Order your edition of the sketch box "St. Igorius" by Igor Oleinikov by clicking on the graphic opposite to send us an e-mail with your order (with your desired number, if available).


All 25 sketches from the "St. Igorius" box.

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