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CHRISTIAN MARX GALERIE is an internationally active gallery for contemporary art. 


Since its foundation in 2009, CMG has consistently supported a permanent roster of artists in the global realisation of their work. In the early years, the gallery focussed on promoting young graduates of the legendary Düsseldorf Art Academy. With the steady internationalisation of the gallery, outstanding artists from various parts of the world have gradually and carefully been added to the gallery programme. 


Over the years, CMG has gained a respectable reputation for developing the careers of both emerging and established mid-career artists. Both institutional collections and private collectors value our long-standing expertise.


Furthermore, the gallery does not aim for short-term "hypes"; on the contrary, we focus on continuity and sound foundations in the development of artists' careers. Our collectors appreciate the highly trusting cooperation and the resulting consistency in the gallery programme.


In addition to classical painting, sculpture and object art are a focal point of the current gallery programme and will remain so in the future. When selecting our artists, we attach great importance to the uniqueness and distinctiveness of their visual language, as well as the highest level of craftsmanship in the realisation of their works of art.

CMG presents its select circle of artists in numerous solo and group exhibitions and at international art fairs. We publish publications on the work of our artists, issue editions and editions. We exclusively present international art in the fields of painting, sculpture, drawing, graphics and objects.


CMG currently represents the following artists: 

Ole Aakjær, Uwe Braun, Dietmar Brixy, Coderch & Malavia, Der Heidebrecht, Martin C. Herbst, Mateo, Jorge Marín, Tim Okamura, Igor Oleinikov, Akiko Ozasa, Lars Reiffers, Marina Sailer, SALUSTIANO, Takakazu Takeuchi, Tim David Trillsam, Maxim Wakultschik and Dimitriy Zhdankin. 


Artists who are not a permanent part of the gallery programme are also shown at irregular intervals.


CHRISTIAN MARX GALERIE is a member of the Federal Association of German Galleries and Editions.

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