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Since 2009 the Christian Marx Gallery has consistently supported its artist roster in achieving international recognition for their artworks.

A focus of the gallery is the promotion of graduates of the well-known Düsseldorf Academy of Art. A large number of our artists are master students of renowned professors i.e. by Markus Lüpertz, Jörg Immendorff, Günther Uecker, Thomas Grünfeld, Thomas Ruff, Tal R. and Peter Doig.


Since moving to „stilwerk Düsseldorf“ in October 2015 sculpture has taken up another focus in the gallery program. Sculptors such as Alastair Gibson, Jacques van den Abeele, Jorge Marín Tim David Trillsam and Dirk M. Schreiber can present their works in the new gallery space. In the future the gallery will continue its special emphasis on sculpture, object and painting, while broadening its international scope.

The CMG presents its selected artists in numerous solo and group exhibitions as well as at international art fairs. Besides catalogues we publish editions on the work of our artist. We exclusively present international art in the field of sculpture, drawing, graphics and photography.

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