Past Exhibitions

Group Show

25/11/2017 – 20/01/2018


Christian Marx Galerie is proud to present a selection of masterpieces of the following artists:

Dietmar Brixy | Alastair Gibson | Tim Okamura | Igor Oleinikov | Jorge Marín | Dirk M. Schreiber | Joseph Sracic | Maxim Wakultschik | Dimitriy Zhdankin

Dimitriy Zhdankin

23/09/2017 – 28/10/2017

"Sie sind fort oder der letzte Zahn des Mönchs"

Pure Pop – The Art of Pop Culture

29/10/2016 – 28/01/2017

Christian Marx Gallery is pleased to present "Pure Pop – The Art of Pop Culture", the first Pop Art exhibition at the gallery. The show, featuring selected artworks from the beginning of Pop Art in the 1960s until today includes works by artists such as Andy Warhol, Tom Wesselmann, Alex Katz, Julian Opie, Mel Ramos, Jim Dine, Heiner Meyer, Alastair Gibson, Maxim Wakultschik, and Dirk M. Schreiber.

Maxim Wakultschik

12/02/2016 – 12/03/2016



As part of the "Düsseldorf Photo Weekend" we present a solo exhibition by Maxim Wakultschik.


"Reflexion" by Maxim Wakultschik


Maxim Wakultschik’s "Reflexion" is a series of three-dimensional portraits of significant artists and other creative personalities. Here, a traditional canvas is neglected in favour of a cabinet containing a sculptural image, which shimmers through the milky white panel. It diffuses the bright monochrome colors of the image isolating it from the viewer and the surrounding space. In a perpetual interplay with the materiality of the cabinet, the almost holographic appearing likeness seems to dissolve into white nothingness.

Group Show

07/11/2015 – 06/02/2016

"Grand Opening" 


Opening of the new Gallery space at  "stilwerk" Düsseldorf!

Group Show + Special Guest "Alastair Gibson"



For the opening we will show new works by:


Igor Oleinikov, Akiko Ozasa, Alastair Gibson, Dietmar Brixy, Beastiestylez, Dimitriy Zhdankin und  Maxim Wakultschik

Dietmar Brixy

08/05/2015 – 20/06/2015


Group Show

27/03/2015 – 25/04/2015

"Behind the scenes"


Beastiestylez, Uwe Braun, Brixy, Dmitrij Dihovichnij, Igor Oleinikov,
Akiko Ozasa, Marina Sailer,  Dirk M. Schreiber, Takakazu Takeuchi, 

Jacques Van den Abeele, Maxim Wakultschik, Dimitriy Zhdankin


Shinichi Tsuchiya

30/01/2015 – 28/02/2015

"No light"


As part of the "Dusseldorf Photo Weekend" we present a solo exhibition by Shinichi Tsuchiya. The master student of Thomas Ruff lives and works in Japan and he shows his new series "Recorder" among other works.


"I shot photos of disassembling process of the tape recorders manufactured in 1971, 1974, 1976 and 1978, the year in which the Fukushima nuclear reactor unit 1, 2, 3 and 4 began its operation respectively. Ten pictures depicting the process were then reassembled to create a single photomontage. After 40 years, the old tape recorders that originally served as recording devices have now themselves become recording media, and the image allowed me to visualize and highlight the relationship between energy, the recording and the playback." 

Shinichi Tsuchiya


The, for a photographer unusual, title "No Light" is inspired by Elfriede Jelinek's play script about the nuclear disaster in Fukushima. Shinichi Tsuchiya has accompanied the Nobel Prize winner as a photographer in Fukushima during her research for the play srcipt.

Fine Art Summer

08/07/2014 – 06/09/2014

The Christian Marx Gallery shows   selected highlights from the gallery programme during the "Fine Art Summer" exhibition. Among others with works by: Jaques Van den Abeele, Brixy, Igor Oleinikov, Marina Sailer, Dirk M. Schreiber, Maxim Wakultschik, Dimitri Zhdankin. 


16/05/2014 – 28/06/2014

"Please, don't behave!"

Group Show

29/11/2013 – 01/02/2014

"Ensemble terrible"


Beastiestylez, Uwe Braun, Dmitrij Dihovichnij, Igor Oleinikov, Akiko Ozasa, Marina Sailer, Klaus Schnocks-Meusen, Dirk M. Schreiber, Joseph Sracic, Takakazu Takeuchi, Shinichi Tsuchiya, Maxim Wakultschik, Dimitriy Zhdankin

Marina Sailer

11/10/2013 – 23/11/2013


Igor Oleinikov

24/05/2013 – 27/06/2013


Maxim Wakultschik

12/04/2013 – 18/05/2013

"Hall of Fame"


02/12/2012 – 26/01/2013

"Beastie Store"

Joseph Sracic

26/10/2012 – 28/11/2012

"Clowning - No Funny Business"

Group Show

07/09/2012 – 20/10/2012



Dmitrij Dihovichnij, Igor Oleinikov, Marina Sailer, Maxim Wakultschik

Group Show

11/05/2012 – 23/06/2012

"3 Years Christian Marx Galerie"


Nikolai Arnaudov, Beastiestylez, Uwe Braun, Akiko Ozasa, Marina Sailer, Dirk M. Schreiber, Klaus Schnocks-Meusen, Joseph Sracic, Takakazu Takeuchi, Shinichi Tsuchiya, Maxim Wakultschik

Dirk M. Schreiber

25/11/2011 – 14/01/2012

"Enjoy your Spam"

Akiko Ozasa

15/10/2011 – 19/11/2011


Marina Sailer

16/09/2011 – 08/10/2011



07/05/2011 – 18/06/2011

"The stronger sex wins"

Group Show

26/11/2010 – 15/01/2011

"The Black Sheep"


Inna Artemova, Beastiestylez, Uwe Braun, Sala Lieber, Marina Sailer, Dirk M. Schreiber, Josph Sracic, Uli Richter and his "Exhibitonist" + special exhibition "Akiko Ozasa - region".

Takakazu Takeuchi

15/10/2010 – 13/11/2010

"Surface Reflections"

Group Show / Marina Sailer

09/07/2010 – 03/09/2010

"Summer exhibition 2010" + Marina Sailer "Back from..."

Uwe Braun & Dirk M. Schreiber

07/05/2010 – 03/07/2010

"Regime de marionnettes"

Akiko Ozasa

12/03/2010 – 30/04/2010


Marina Sailer

11/12/2009 – 17/01/2010

"The room behind"


06/11/2009 – 05/12/2009

"PETtime stories"

Group Show

18/09/2009 – 31/10/2009

"Works on Paper"

Gallery opening in Düsseldorf 8th May 2009

08/05/2009 – 20/06/2009

"The Butterfly Effect"


Beatsiestylez, Uwe Braun, Johanna Flammer, Ralph Goertz, Lea Lenhart, Sala Lieber, Patrizia Lohmann, Akiko Ozasa, Stefanie Pürschler, Marina Sailer, Dirk M. Schreiber, Vittorio Zambardi

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