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aero manta / j manta

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aero manta / j manta


Material: Carbon-Fibre & F1 Car parts

Dimensions: 320 x 300 x 110 cm / 90 x 100 x 91 cm

Edition: 10 / 10 + 2AP

Weight: 28 kg / 6 kg


Aero manta,the largest most challenging sculpture to date.This sculpture brings together my engineering skills and ambition.


The manta ray is one of the oceans most recognisable creatures and as anyone who has dived with these fish can testify, to their grace and beauty in the water. Manta rays are found in the world’s tepid oceans and are true ‘aero’ fish.


"Juvenile manta is a third of the size of the largest Carbon Art sculpture "aero manta", the sculpture that brought together all my engineering skills and sculpture ambition." (Alastair Gibson)

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